#256 — May 17, 2019

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Peter Cooper recommends

Kotlin Now Google’s Preferred Language for Android App Development — It’s perhaps no surprise Google is steering away from Java, but Google has announced that “Android development will become increasingly Kotlin-first,” and if you’re starting a new project “you should write it in Kotlin”. C++ and Java will remain options.


Peter Cooper recommends

What to Expect From Marzipan, Apple's Tech to Bring iOS Apps to the Mac“It’s likely that getting your iOS app to run on a Mac will just be a matter of flipping a switch in Xcode.” If this trend continues, we might have to rename this newsletter to just “Dev Weekly” 😂.


Get the Fastest App Deployments. Get Started Free — Unlike most Continuous Integration (CI) solutions, Buddy only re-builds the parts of your application that have changed and deploys your updates in seconds to any app store. Start building better apps faster with Buddy.

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Holly Schinsky recommends

React Native vs Native App Development — Ronak offers tips to help you choose the best mobile app development platform for your project needs.

Ronak Patel

Brian Rinaldi recommends

A Report from the AMP Advisory Committee Meeting — Terence is a member of the AMP Advisory Committee that is also extremely skeptical of the project. These are his thoughts on their recent meeting.

Terence Eden

Peter Cooper recommends

Exploring In-App Updates on Android — Rather than wait hours for an update to end up on the Google Play Store, there’s now a way to perform ‘in-app updates’ coming to Android. This could come in handy for important security updates, for example.

Joe Birch

Peter Cooper recommends

HTML's inputmode Attribute Now Supported in Most Mobile Browsers — This is helpful when you want to show users alternative, optimized keyboards, such as for solely entering numbers, URLs, or email addresses.

Sime Vidas

Brian Rinaldi recommends

What the Apple Supreme Court Decision Means for Developers — Earlier this week the US Supreme Court allowed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple to proceed and this post tries to look at what the ruling means for your average app developer.

TJ VanToll

Peter Cooper recommends

A Look at Android CameraX — CameraX is an Android Jetpack library that was built with the intent to make camera development easier.

Husayn Hakeem

So Many Ways to Level Up, Which One Is Right for You? — See Inside Bootcamps - Online Talk 07/24.

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Peter Cooper recommends

Office UI Fabric for iOS: A Front-End Framework for Building Office-Related Experiences“provides the Office UI experience for the iOS platform” but could ultimately be useful in other situations too.


Brian Rinaldi recommends

How to Build an Ionic Chat App with React and Stream

Nick Parsons

🗓 Upcoming Events

mDevCamp, May 31 — Prague, Czech Republic — The largest conference for mobile developers in Central Europe.

WWDC, June 3-7 — San Jose, CA — Apple's annual developer event, with sessions, hands-on labs and more.

GOTO, June 17-20 — Amsterdam, Netherlands — A software development conference designed for developers, team leads, architects, and project managers.

Droidcon, July 1-3 — Berlin, Germany — Android experts converge to support the Android platform and create a strong network for developers and companies.

Swift Island, July 3-4 — Texel, Netherlands — An all-inclusive experimental conference happening a month after Apple's WWDC 2019.