#247 — March 15, 2019

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Chris Brandrick recommends

Android Q's Quietly Important Improvements — An early look at the developer preview of the next major version of Android.

JR Raphael

Brian Rinaldi recommends

The Most Popular Mobile Browsers — Analysis of mobile browser share shows the dominance of Safari (and Chrome to a lesser extent).

James Kielty

Attend the Ultimate Event for Developers About Rich Media — ImageCon 2019 is a 2-day event in San Francisco, CA on May 1-2 dedicated to working with digital media. Hear from experts at AWS, Microsoft, Smashing Magazine & more on topics from new image formats to PWAs. Don't miss it. Register Today.

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Chris Brandrick recommends

Apple Announces WWDC19 Dates — The developer conference takes place June 3-7 in San Jose. Ticket registration is open until March 20.


Peter Cooper recommends

Automated Memory Leak Testing on iOS — Did you know that you can automatically test for memory leaks when running UI tests for your iOS apps?

Showmax Engineering

Holly Schinsky recommends

Flutter’s Key Difference: Owning Every Pixel — Learn how this one key advantage of Flutter over other cross platform mobile app frameworks can make building interfaces simpler and more effective.

Tom Gilder

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Planning for Responsive Images — Adjusting the width simply doesn’t cut it when it comes to handling responsive images.

Chris Nwamba

Za'e Johnson recommends

Chrome Lite Pages: For A Faster, Leaner Loading Experience — Improvements to Chrome’s data saving feature on Android — it helps optimize pages to make them load faster.

Ben Greenstein & Nancy Gao (Google)

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Kotlin Vs NativeScript Vs Flutter: Building The Same App in All Platforms — Slides from a presentation covering what the author learned from building the same app three times in different technologies.

Arnav Gupta

Focus on Innovation, Not Infrastructure — Leverage open-source frameworks to build cross platform, native iOS, native Android and web apps with little or no code. Find out more.

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Holly Schinsky recommends

Lessons Learned Using GraphQL for iOS — Some useful things to be aware of when choosing to use GraphQL in your mobile apps.

Jane Chung

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Should I Use React Native? — A balanced look at the pros and cons of React Native.

Elie Steinbock

Holly Schinsky recommends

What I Like About Developing Apps with Flutter — Ferdinand outlines his first impressions after developing a mobile app with Flutter.

Ferdinand Mütsch

Chris Brandrick recommends

iOS Accessibility Scanner — A new objective-C iOS accessibility testing tool from Google.