#245 — March 1, 2019

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Brian Rinaldi recommends

Launching Flutter 1.2 at Mobile World Congress — This release focuses on stability and performance improvements, the quality of the core framework, visual polish/finish and tweaks to the functionality of existing widgets, new web-based tooling and more.


Peter Cooper recommends

Engineering Uber Beacon: Matching Riders and Drivers in 24-bit RGB Colors — Whatever you think about Uber, this is a really neat piece of user experience for Uber’s passengers, and it’s interesting to hear how Uber’s engineering team makes it work.

Kevin Babcock (Uber)

Watch that TalkBack. Free Cheatsheet — Let us guide you through the complexities of Google’s screen reader.

Big Nerd Ranch sponsor

Holly Schinsky recommends

Understanding the Ionic Development Ecosystem: Part 1 — An overview of the Ionic Framework, its ecosystem of technologies and how to get started with Ionic based on their web development background. Part two is here.

Matt Netkow

Peter Cooper recommends

Developing Fast and Reliable iOS Builds at Pinterest“After introducing remote build caching, build times dropped under a minute and as low as 30 seconds since we don’t need to rebuild anything that has been built on any machine.”

Rahul Malik (Pinterest)

Chris Brandrick recommends

A Guide to Debugging Your NativeScript Plugins — If you find yourself debugging the source of your NativeScript app/plugins, then you’ll want to know about the new ‘nativescript-dev-debugging’ plugin.

Vladimir Amiorkov

Holly Schinsky recommends

How to Successfully Submit An App to The App Store for Review — Apple has tough requirements for app submission, this article outlines how to successfully meet these requirements and make your own app submission process go smoothly.

Irina Bulygina

Za'e Johnson recommends

Choosing React Native For Your Mobile Tech Stack — This is certainly aimed more at business folks but does a pretty thorough job at presenting the case for React Native, compares it to other toolkits (e.g. NativeScript and Flutter), explains who’s already using it, why, etc.


Chris Brandrick recommends

South Korea Moves Up 5G Mobile Network Launch to March — Major carriers speed up plans after Samsung reveals a 5G S10.

Nikkei Asian Review

Focus on Innovation, Not Infrastructure — Leverage open-source frameworks to build cross platform, native iOS, native Android and web apps with little or no code. Find out more.

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Brian Rinaldi recommends

Intercept HTTPS Traffic On A Android Emulator — How to intercept HTTP/HTTPS traffic from an Android emulator by using a MITM (Man In The Middle) proxy.

Oliver Nybroe

Holly Schinsky recommends

Make Draggable UIViewController with Swipe Cards using Custom Transitions in iOS — How to implement interactive, distinguished interfaces with UIKit.

Serhii Kharauzov

Chris Brandrick recommends

UX Screenshots: A Digital Archive of Mobile Apps — A growing collection of shots, showing how popular apps onboard new users.

UX Screenshots