#242 — February 8, 2019

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Peter Cooper recommends

Designing Mobile Websites for Voice Search — Over 1 billion voice searches are now conducted monthly. As more users seek out the convenience of using their voice to search, you’ll want to consider how this will impact mobile sites. Here are some things to think about as you approach the design of mobile sites in 2019 and beyond.

Suzanne Scacca

Brian Rinaldi recommends

iOS 12.2 Will Remove Access to Mobile Device Sensors for Web Apps — A change that could affect sensors like orientation with the workaround requiring the user to manually enable it. More here.

Robin Hawkes

Easily Integrate Square Payments into Your Mobile App — Square In-App Payments SDK makes it easy to integrate secure, compliant payments. The interactive card-entry interface is optimized for speed and customizable to match your app. Apple Pay, Google Pay, and stored card on file supported.

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Holly Schinsky recommends

How to Build Your First Ionic 4 App with API Calls — A guide to help you get started on building an Ionic 4 app.

Simon Grimm

Brian Rinaldi recommends

iOS Tricks To Make Your App Feel More Performant — Five optimization tricks that will make your app feel more responsive.

Axel Kee

Chris Brandrick recommends

End-to-End Encryption for Mobile Developers — Hugues shares his learnings working on an end to end encrypted app.

Hugues Bernet-Rollande video

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Working with Vuex in Your NativeScript-Vue Application — Adding Vuex to a NativeScript-Vue application including a basic introduction to Vuex and why you might use it.

Raymond Camden

Holly Schinsky recommends

Introducing: Flutter Widget-Maker, a Flutter App-Builder written in Flutter — Widget-Maker is a new desktop application to help you build widgets for your Flutter apps.


Code with Confidence: iOS, Swift, Android, Kotlin and Web Bootcamps — Get ready for an intensive experience.

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Chris Brandrick recommends

Why Target Is Focusing Its Mobile Strategy On A Single App — Target, which used to have an assortment of single-use apps, is consolidating its mobile shopping experience.

Suman Bhattacharyya

Chris Brandrick recommends

Navigation Should Be Boring“Almost any part of an app can be a good place to add novelty, except for one: navigation. Navigation is different. Navigation should be boring.”

Allen Pike

Holly Schinsky recommends

Flutter: IDE Shortcuts for Faster Development — An extensive list of IntelliJ IDE shortcuts for faster and more efficient Flutter development.

Pooja Bhaumik

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Creating a Responsive Layout in React — Learn the basic steps to setup a React app with Flexbox and make your layout responsive.

Eric Bishard

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Implementing An Infinite Scroll List in React Native

Brian Njenga

Chris Brandrick recommends

react-pwa-boilerplate — An opinionated sample app to get you up and running.

Victor Boutté