Mobile Dev Weekly March 21, 2018   #199
Holly Schinsky recommends
How Fast Is Flutter? I Built A Stopwatch App to Find Out Flutter is a mobile UI framework from Google that’s currently getting a lot of attention. Here, a developer reviews its performance after building a stopwatch app to analyze CPU and memory usage.
Andrea Bizzotto
Brian Rinaldi recommends
How Fast Is AMP Really? — A look at how AMP performs in several contexts - in Google search, when used as a standalone framework, when served via AMP cache and compared to the canonical article.
Tim Kadlec
Linux Cloud Hosting Starting at 1GB of RAM for $5/mo — Get a Linode server up and running in seconds. Simply choose your plan, distro and location and you’re ready to deploy your server. Use promo code mobileweb2018 at checkout and get a $20 credit on a new account.
Linode Cloud Hosting

Chris Brandrick recommends
How BBC Interactive Content Works Across AMP, Apps, and the Web — Publishing content to so many mediums without lots of extra development overhead can be difficult. Here, Chris Ashton explains how one area of the BBC have approached the problem.
Smashing Magazine
Peter Cooper recommends
Git for Mobile Development — Edward Thomson talks with James Montemagno (a Principal Program Manager for Mobile Developer Tools at Microsoft) about getting started using Git.
All Things Git
Brian Rinaldi recommends
“Write Once, Run Everywhere” is an Anti-Pattern — Multi-platform development is a tricky business, but it can be great if done right.
Jeff Whelpley
Mobile Web
Brian Rinaldi recommends
AMP Is Not The Issue, It's Google — Justin argues that the problems with AMP go beyond its spec.
Justin Avery
Holly Schinsky recommends
How Google’s AMP Has Driven a Renewed Focus on Web Performance
Mitch Lenton
Chris Brandrick recommends
Sensor APIs are now W3C Candidate Recommendations — Includes the Generic Sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Orientation, and Ambient Light APIs. Though consider Firefox is disabling the Ambient Light API by default so there remains uncertainty over the privacy implications and future of some of these APIs.
Chris Brandrick recommends
AMP Conf 2018: JavaScript in AMP and New URL Structures — Developer Ben Morss and AMP engineering lead Malte Ubl talk about plans to bring JavaScript to AMP.
The AMP Channel
Holly Schinsky recommends
Are PWAs The Future of Mobile Commerce?
Mateusz Blum
Hybrid Apps
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Build a Mobile App With Ionic and WordPress — Creating a starter app that integrates WordPress with the Ionic Framework.
Scott Bolinger
Brian Rinaldi recommends
A Quick Look At Using PhoneGap Build and Ionic Together
Chris Griffith
Holly Schinsky recommends
Creating a Progressive Web App with Ionic and Firebase Hosting — Part 3 in a series on creating a real-time chat app using and Ionic, with the final part showing how to convert it to a Progressive Web App.
Mastering Ionic
Native Development
Za'e Johnson recommends
Build a Serverless Mobile App for Movie Listings with Flutter and AWS Lambda — Developing a mobile app with Google’s open-source UI framework.
Mohamed Labouardy
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Tips and Tricks for Creating a Native Mobile App with NativeScript
Georgi Tenev
Chris Brandrick recommends
IBM Watson Services for Core ML — iOS apps can now make use of IBM’s Watson AI for on-device learning.
Holly Schinsky recommends
A Complete Guide to Recording Location Data in React Native — A complete guide to gathering a users’ location data and displaying it on a map with React Native.
Aryan Goharzad
Chris Brandrick recommends
Getting Started with NativeScript-Vue 1.0 — How you can start building your first app using NativeScript-Vue, and answers to some common questions you’ll have along the way.
TJ VanToll