Mobile Dev Weekly March 7, 2018   #197
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Choosing Mobility Options in 2018 — A comparison of approaches to app development, with a look at Progressive Web Apps and JS-driven native frameworks such as NativeScript and React Native.
TJ VanToll
Chris Brandrick recommends
Starting Fast and Staying Fast with AMP and Progressive Web Apps — How to combine the best bits of Progressive Web Apps with AMP to “create experiences that start fast, and stay fast”.
Google Chrome Developers
Linux Cloud Hosting Starting at 1GB of RAM for $5/mo — Get a Linode server up and running in seconds. Simply choose your plan, distro and location and you’re ready to deploy your server. Get $20 credit on a new account.
Linode Cloud Hosting

Peter Cooper recommends
The Big List of Naughty Strings — An evolving list of strings which have a high probability of causing issues when used as user-input data in your apps, native, Web, or otherwise.
Max Woolf
Chris Brandrick recommends
Quick Guide: Designing for AR on Mobile
Bushra Mahmood
Za'e Johnson recommends
Apps, Trackers, Privacy, and Regulators: A Global Study of The Mobile Tracking Ecosystem — Here’s a spoiler: User tracking is widespread within the mobile app (mainly Android) ecosystem.
Adrian Colyer
Peter Cooper recommends
iOS Remote Push Notifications in a Nutshell — Apple Push Notification service (APNs) is at the core of iOS’s remote notifications feature, but how does it all work and what can it do?
Deyan Aleksandrov
Mobile Web
Peter Cooper recommends
Winning on Mobile — A ‘Speed Scorecard’ from Google to see how your site stacks up to the competition on mobile.
Chris Brandrick recommends
A Comprehensive Guide To Wireframing And Prototyping
Christopher Murphy
Hybrid Apps
Holly Schinsky recommends
A Checklist for Ionic PWA Development — A checklist to help ensure full Progressive Web App support for your Ionic apps.
Mastering Ionic
Holly Schinsky recommends
Cordova Windows 6.0.0 Released — A major release that changes functionality you might rely on, so you may want to check the notes here.
Jan Piotrowski
Holly Schinsky recommends
Running Custom Native iOS Code in Ionic with Capacitor
Josh Morony
Native Development
Holly Schinsky recommends
Flutter: From Zero To Comfortable — An in-depth tutorial on getting started with the Flutter mobile app SDK framework from Google.
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Easier React Native Development With Expo — Expo is a collection of tools that make it easier to code React Native apps.
Wernher-Bel Ancheta
Chris Brandrick recommends
The Swift 4.2 Release Process
Ted Kremenek
Brian Rinaldi recommends
How to Add Spotlight Support to Your iOS App
Dejan Atanasov
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Building An Ecommerce Search App with React Native
Deepak Grover
Chris Brandrick recommends
React Native: Build a Stopwatch App in 60 Minutes
React Native Academy
Peter Cooper recommends
Make Your Custom View 60 FPS on Android
Dmitriy Rabetckiy