Mobile Web Weekly September 20, 2017   #176
Brian Rinaldi recommends
'The Notch' (on iPhone X) and CSS — The iPhone X screen has a “notch” that houses camera components - this introduces some odd design quirks to consider. Here’s a solution to keep your site looking good.
Chris Coyier
Holly Schinsky recommends
Coding A Newspaper Layout As A Progressive Web App — An in-depth look at the coding behind The Global Upvote, a site that brings together the top voted stories from across the web, updated every 60 seconds.
James Y Rauhut
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Progressive Web Apps Coming Soon to The Windows Store — At the Edge Web Summit 2017, Microsoft announced that PWAs will come to Edge next year and Microsoft will start crawling the web for quality PWAs and add them to the Windows Store.
Windows Central
Best Practices for Architecting Highly Monitorable Applications — Is your application easy to monitor in production? Many applications are, but sadly, some are designed with observability as an afterthought.

Holly Schinsky recommends
Understanding the WebView Viewport in iOS 11 — iOS 11 brings some new, perhaps unintuitive, behaviour around the status bar area which will be particularly important for devs using tools like Apache Cordova or Ionic.
Darryl Pogue
Holly Schinsky recommends
A Primer on Android Navigation — Some of the most common navigation patterns used on Android, how they impact system-level navigation, and how to mix and match patterns to suit your interface and your users.
Liam Spradlin
Holly Schinsky recommends
Working with the Network Layer in React Native Apps
Kureev Alexey
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Basic Grid Layout with Fallbacks using Feature Queries
Chen Hui Jing
Holly Schinsky recommends
WebView with Injected JS Script — An approach to injecting JavaScript into an existing webView to allow for dynamic changes to the web properties.
Piotr Mądry
Holly Schinsky recommends
What's New in Framework7 V2 Beta?
Timo Ernst
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Embrace AMP or AMP Wins — The author argues that the case against AMP often overlooks that the theory behind AMP is good, even if the centralized control isn’t.
Dennis Forbes
Chris Brandrick recommends
The Engineer’s Guide to Not Making Your App Look Awful “design can be learned, just like coding”
Andy O'Sullivan
How to build a realtime chat app in React Native — Introduction to building mobile apps in React Native and how to use Pusher to handle multiple realtime messaging.

Peter Cooper recommends
An AWS Mobile React Native Starter App — Bootstrap a React Native application on AWS. This starter provisions a Serverless infrastructure with auth, image storage, API access and database.
Amazon Web Services
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Removing the White Bars in Safari on iPhone X — The notch on the new iPhone can cause the display to have white bars on the sides of your site layout. This post shows some CSS and meta tags that can fix this.
Stephen Radford
Holly Schinsky recommends
Common Ionic 3 Development Mistakes — Three common mistakes to avoid when building Ionic 3 apps.