Mobile Web Weekly September 13, 2017   #175
Change is coming :-) On October 4th, we're renaming to Mobile Dev Weekly. We'll continue to cover Web and hybrid topics, but will break them out into their own sections and add a 'general' mobile practices section. We hope this will make it easier for you to read and more valuable too.
- The Mobile Web Weekly team (Peter, Holly, Brian, and Chris)
Peter Cooper recommends
The Web Share API: Native Sharing from the Web — In Chrome 61 for Android, there’s a simple API called Web Share that allows sites to invoke the native sharing capabilities of the host platform.
Google Developers
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Putting the 'App' in Progressive Web Apps — Nicole Saidy offers an overview of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), what they are, which problems they solve, and what makes them apps or app-like.
Best Practices for Architecting Highly Monitorable Applications — Is your application easy to monitor in production? Many applications are, but sadly, some are designed with observability as an afterthought.

Chris Brandrick recommends
Stencil: A Tool for Building Modern Web Components — A tool from the Ionic team for creating 100% standards-compliant Custom Elements.
Holly Schinsky recommends
Create an Ionic 2 Mobile App with a List, Nested Detail and Form Pattern — How to create an Ionic 2 Contacts app with nested detail and forms.
Remo de Knikker
Chris Brandrick recommends
Basecamp 3 for iOS's Hybrid Architecture “Native or web isn’t a binary choice, but instead a spectrum.”
Zach Waugh
Chris Brandrick recommends
Experimenting with UIs Across Multiple Devices with Polymer — Learn how to use Polymer to experiment with apps across multiple devices. Filmed at Polymer Summit 2017.
Maria Hussman
Chris Brandrick recommends
Google Adds AMP Based Featured Snippets to Mobile Search Results — Now AMP pages can rank in Google’s position ‘zero’ but Google says AMP is still not a ranking factor.
Barry Schwartz
Holly Schinsky recommends
Mastering Framework7 v2 Router — A look at some of the most interesting new features in V2 Router.
Chris Brandrick recommends
Smartphones Are Driving All Growth in Web Traffic — However, all this smartphone traffic hasn’t translated to traffic on smartphone apps.
Holly Schinsky recommends
Creating Progressive Web Apps with Angular — Part one in a series on building Progressive Web Apps with Angular.
Ahsan Ayaz
Holly Schinsky recommends
A React And Preact Progressive Web App Performance Case Study: Treebo — A case study on performance of a Progressive Web App built with React and then Preact.
Addy Osmani
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Building a Small PWA with Preact and Firebase Live demo. Associated repo.
Dan Denney
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Shipping React Native Apps with Fastlane — How to automate the release process for iOS and Android apps using Fastlane.
Carlos Cuesta
Holly Schinsky recommends
Tablet vs. Smartphone: What Are The Key Differences in UX and Behavior? — Four key differences that shape user experience on a smartphone vs a tablet to keep in mind when building your mobile apps.
$20 Free on a new Linode account — Linux cloud hosting starting at 1GB of RAM for $5/mo. Use promo code MOBILEWEB20 for $20 credit.
Linode Cloud Hosting

Chris Brandrick recommends
Updating Your Mobile UIs for iPhone X, the Newest iPhone
Holly Schinsky recommends
Creating an Asynchronous Loading Image Component in React Native
Wyatt McBain
Holly Schinsky recommends
3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Ionic and Firebase Performance
Jorge Vergara