Mobile Web Weekly April 26, 2017   #155
Chris Brandrick recommends
Why 'Mobile First' May Already Be Outdated — If “mobile first” is our future, why are almost all the most successful mobile driven businesses building web apps designed for larger screens?
Paul Adams
Brian Rinaldi recommends
A Brief Overview of Responsive Navigation Patterns — Responsive Web design has changed the way we build sites. Here, Smashing Magazine looks at responsive navigation techniques, in particular.
Chris Poteet
Search built and optimized for mobile by Algolia — Build instant search for your site in a few lines of code. JavaScript and React frameworks come with widgets that give you a great search out of the box. Everything is optimized for mobile speed and UX.

Chris Brandrick recommends
Think You Know The Top Web Browsers? — Our traditional idea of the top five browsers may be over-simplified, outdated and skewed.
Peter O'Shaughnessy
Holly Schinsky recommends
10 Frameworks for Mobile Hybrid Apps — A list of ten useful frameworks to help build mobile hybrid apps.
Peter Cooper recommends
Your Site Without JavaScript — A brief (but constructive) look at the cost of JavaScript.
Ben Schwarz
Chris Brandrick recommends
Mobile in the Future — A detailed three-hour mobile design workshop filmed at Google Conversions. (90-min presentation followed by a 90-min Q&A)
Luke Wroblewski
Holly Schinsky recommends
How to Boost App Downloads by A/B Testing Icons — Roman Rudnik shows how to boost app store downloads by A/B testing multiple icon designs in this step-by-step walkthrough.
Chris Brandrick recommends
8 Steps to Publish Your NativeScript App — A to-the-point checklist for deploying a NativeScript-built app to the iOS and Google Play stores.
TJ VanToll
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Spring Into CSS Grid 🌼 — An overview of getting started with CSS grid.
Joni Trythall
Holly Schinsky recommends
touch-action: A CSS Property to Customize Touch Interactivity — A CSS property determining if and how a user can interact with an element via touch input using the browser’s default features.
Hui Jing Chen
Chris Brandrick recommends
Stop Using Device Breakpoints — “Content breakpoints give people better experiences no matter what size device they have.”
Adam Silver
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Container Query Discussion — A good overview of the debate about whether container queries are necessary or not.
Chris Coyier
Brian Rinaldi recommends
AMP For Retailers: Is It Worth It? — How to get started with AMP and how it can be used specifically to benefit an e-commerce website.
Myriam Jessier
Holly Schinsky recommends
Release of PhoneGap Local Notification Plugin — A new PhoneGap Local Notification plugin has been released to follow the W3C Web Notifications spec and is supported on both iOS and Android.
PhoneGap Blog
Holly Schinsky recommends
Use Any JavaScript Library With Vue.js — Different approaches for adding JavaScript libraries to your Vue.js apps including how to make them into a plugin for use across multiple projects.
Anthony Gore
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Customizing Ionic Generators — Where to find the generated file templates to customize them to suit your needs.
Chris Griffith