Mobile Web Weekly February 22, 2017   #146
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Responsive CSS Patterns without Media Queries — Some neat techniques to achieve responsive CSS patterns while we wait for element and container queries to be available.
Andy Kirk
Brian Rinaldi recommends
How to Use Mobile Emulation Mode in Chrome — How to enable Chrome’s new Emulation Mode to emulate dozens of mobile devices.
Craig Buckler
Peter Cooper recommends
8 Best Practices for Mobile Form Design — Mobile form design presents specific challenges that have made it difficult for UI designers to keep general design best practices top of mind.
Cassandra Naji
Build your gem of an app on our jewel of a server. Linode: Simple. Reliable. Powerful. Fast. — Create your ultimate app using the cloud’s fastest, most scalable, powerful and reliable SSD servers: Linode. Use promo code MOBILEWEB20 for a $20 credit.

Brian Rinaldi recommends
Toolbars, Keyboards, and the Viewports — All mobile browsers have two viewports. The layout and visual viewports. PPK looks at what happens when these viewports change size.
Peter-Paul Koch
Holly Schinsky recommends
PhoneGap Team: Our Continued Commitment to Apache Cordova — Specific details about how the Adobe PhoneGap team is re-affirming their commitment to Apache Cordova.
Jesse MacFadyen
Za'e Johnson recommends
What App to Build in 2017: Native, Hybrid or Progressive Web App? — Three experienced developers and CTO’s discuss the three types of apps most developers are building today.
Holly Schinsky recommends
Three Key Uses for Animation in Mobile UI Design — Animation tactics to improve the functionality and emotional power of your interface.
Nick Babich
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Twitter's React-Based Mobile Web Stack Rivals Native Performance — Twitter recently switched all of their mobile web traffic over to a new web stack, running Node.js on the back end and a React-based Progressive Web App in the browser.
David Iffland
Chris Brandrick recommends
Do Responsive Sites Have to Be So Tall On Mobile? — Height is often overlooked in responsive design. On mobile, pages can get pretty long. Kevin Vigneault asks: Should we address this?
Brian Rinaldi recommends
CSS Grid: One Layout, Multiple Ways — How to create the same ‘Holy Grail’ layout in three different ways, all using CSS Grid properties.
Geoff Graham
Brian Rinaldi recommends
The New and Improved Add to Home screen — How to enable the improved add to home screen functionality that allows PWAs to be found just like regular native apps.
Paul Kinlan
Holly Schinsky recommends
PhoneGap Plugins Tutorial: End to End
Holly Schinsky
Brian Rinaldi recommends
How to Create a Camera App With Ionic 2
Ashraff Hathibelagal
Holly Schinsky recommends
How to Create a Sliding Drawer Component for Ionic 2 — Learn how to create a sliding drawer UI component with Ionic 2.
Josh Morony
Brian Rinaldi recommends
How To Create A Node.js Microservice for an Ionic App — Create a simple Node.js service that can handle calls to the Facebook Graph API within an Ionic-based mobile app.
Ashteya Biharisingh
Holly Schinsky recommends
Using Gestures & Uncommon Event Bindings in Ionic 2 — How to create event bindings other than the usual (click) event binding in Ionic 2.
Joshua Morony
Holly Schinsky recommends
framework7-react: Framework7+React Bindings — A set of bindings to allow you to easily use Framework7 with React to build your hybrid mobile apps.
Ben Compton
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Use The Native Device Clipboard In A NativeScript Angular Application — How to manage copy/paste functionality with the native device clipboard whtin an Angular-based app.
Nic Raboy