Mobile Web Weekly October 5, 2016   #128
Holly Schinsky recommends
The State of HTML Mobile Frameworks in 2016 — A look into the current state of HTML mobile UI frameworks for building hybrid apps.
Kris Erickson
Chris Brandrick recommends
The Future Of Apps: In Our Own Words — Several honest, unabashed opinions on where the future of apps is headed.
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Google: AMP Will Override App Deep Links for The Foreseeable Future — Announced at SMX East, Barry explains what this means in terms of how results of searches on the mobile device will behave.
Barry Schwartz
Join Firebase Dev Summit 2016 in Berlin on Nov. 7th — Firebase Dev Summit is a full-day event for app developers. Come meet the Firebase team, be the first to hear our exciting launches, and learn about Firebase through a mix of deep-dive sessions, office hours, and self-paced codelabs.
Google Inc.

Brian Rinaldi recommends
Has the Time for Progressive Web Apps Already Come? — An overview of PWAs, some of the well known example sites and the potential benefits/drawbacks.
Iryna Zakurdaeva
Brian Rinaldi recommends
The iOS Safari Menu Bar is Hostile to Web Apps: Discuss — Ben explains that it gets in the way of “app-like” layouts on iOS.
Ben Frain
Holly Schinsky recommends
Creating Universal Windows Apps with React Native — The React Native Universal Windows platform extension allows you to create React Native apps that run on the Universal Windows families of devices.
Eric Rozell
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Animate Your React Native App — How to implement animations in your React Native app.
Wernher-Bel Ancheta
Holly Schinsky recommends
Mobile Applications with Cytoscape.js and Cordova — How to create a mobile app that creates a graph of Wikipedia pages using Cytoscape and Cordova.
Joseph Stahl
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Data Sync, Event Handling and Offline-First Functionality — Realm is a commercial platform designed as a replacement for SQLite & Core Data that offers real-time data sync and event handling between server and devices.
Holly Schinsky recommends
Service Workers for Everyone — Service Workers presentation slides from Web Unleashed 2016.
Ryan Christiani
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Who Needs AMP? How to Lazy Load Responsive Images Quick and Easy... — How to deploy lazy loading on non-AMP websites using a script named Layzr.js.
Kezz Bracey
Holly Schinsky recommends
Finding Better Mobile Analytics — How to implement and use mobile analytics to determine how users are interacting with your apps.
Eduard Khorkov
Brian Rinaldi recommends
W3C Web Payments HTTP Specification Working Drafts Released — One of the key goals is a better checkout experience for users, especially on mobile devices.
Jeevak Kasarkod
Holly Schinsky recommends
Smart Bulbs and IoT with Ionic 2 — Smart bulbs and IoT with Ionic 2 and Angular - from AngularConnect 2016.
Uri Shaked
Brian Rinaldi recommends
How to Set Up Ads on Your AMP Pages — How to use the the amp-ad component to serve and configure ads.
Arudea Mahartianto
Holly Schinsky recommends
Take The Guesswork Out of CSS Media Queries With This Tool — SimpleCSS instantly sorts you out with media queries, ready to paste into your CSS.
Creative Bloq
Peter Cooper recommends
Paper Planes: A Novel Mobile Web Experience — Catch and throw paper planes with one another around the world.
Paper Planes
One Application, 4,000+ Opportunities - Try Hired — On Hired companies apply to interview you. Get 1:1 support for your job search plus upfront compensation details.