Mobile Web Weekly June 22, 2016   #113
Peter Cooper recommends
Building for A Future Mobile Web — Paul Kinlan considers how the future mobile web will combine the perks of native apps with the best bits of the web.
Paul Kinlan
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Should All Content Be Responsive? — Derek walks us through a couple of examples where traditional approaches to responsive content may actually hamper people from achieving their goals online.
Derek Featherstone
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Banner Ads Are Dead Because Your Phone Killed Them — Global spending on mobile ads will surpass desktop spending for the first time next year, according to research firm Zenith.
Mark Bergen
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Chris Brandrick recommends
Microsoft Project ULink Brings The Equivalent of Web URLs to Mobile Apps
Pradeep Viswav
Brian Rinaldi recommends
The Future of the Web — A lot of debate was stirred, in part by Alex Russell’s tweets related to JavaScript and Progressive Web Apps. Matt tries to bridge the divide between the two camps in the debate.
Matt Griffin
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Weex Framework — Weex is a new framework for building mobile cross-platform UI using web technologies that is in private pre-release.
Brian Rinaldi recommends
A Roadmap To Building A Delightful Onboarding Experience For Mobile App Users — Strategic guidelines to keep in mind when designing onboarding UX for your mobile app. With practical examples and techniques.
Anton Kosolapov
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Building NativeScript Apps with React — Chris makes his case that Telerik should add React support to NativeScript.
Chris Geirman
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Jason: Turn Any Data, Website, or API Into an App — The Jason project renders native mobile apps from JSON markup.
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Mobile UX Design: What Not To Do — Why do we install apps in the first place? To make our lives convenient. But when an app fails to fulfill this requirement, then it’s for certain that users will go elsewhere.
Nick Babich
Holly Schinsky recommends
Mobile Expert Interview with Ionic Framework's Ben Sperry and Adam Bradley — A podcast with Ben Sperry and Adam Bradley discussing Ionic, its future and how to develop killer apps using their framework.
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Virtual Insanity with NativeScript Views and Angular 2 — Nathan Walker shares an experimental project that translates NativeScript views for the web within Angular 2 allowing 1 view for web and native mobile.
Telerik Developer Network
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Push Code Updates to Apps Instantly with CodePush — Jay Raj looks at CodePush, a tool from Microsoft that helps you push code updates to Cordova and React Native apps.
Jay Raj
Holly Schinsky recommends
Apache Cordova & The Browser Based Workflow — Microsoft adds their new open source project into VS Code to create a better browser workflow for hybrid app developers.
Visual Studio Blog
Holly Schinsky recommends
How Helps Users Create Interactive Content with PhoneGap — How TapBookAuthor is using PhoneGap to help users create and publish educational and interactive content for learning and entertainment.
PhoneGap Blog
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