Mobile Dev Weekly November 30, 2018   #234
Brian Rinaldi recommends
An Extensive Guide to Progressive Web Applications — Progressive Web Apps (also known as PWAs) use modern Web technologies to provide powerful, app-like experiences in the browser. This post acts as a sort of primer to the whole concept and what those technologies are (such as service workers).
Ankita Masand
Peter Cooper recommends
The Complete Guide To Progressive Web Apps with Ionic 4 — A look at how easy it is to build a complete and production ready PWA with Ionic 4.
Agustin Haller
Handling Complex Data Integrations in JavaScript Apps — Demand for apps is increasing, but integration challenges slow the process. Explore how to tackle data integrations in this webinar. Register today.
Progress Kinvey

Za'e Johnson recommends
MobileLab: How Facebook Prevents Mobile Performance Regressions — MobileLab prevents regressions from shipping and impacting Facebook’s mobile performance by detecting tiny changes in performance.
Facebook Code
Chris Brandrick recommends
Responsive Images on the Apple Watch — If you’re keen for your sites to look good on the Apple Watch’s browser and its 136 pixel wide viewport, consider these points.
Eric Portis
Brian Rinaldi recommends
The Baseline Costs of JavaScript Frameworks — A look at some of the “costs” in terms of load times on a mobile device of three of the main JavaScript Frameworks (React, Vue and Angular).
Ankur Sethi
Holly Schinsky recommends
Top 10 UI/UX Mistakes to Avoid While Designing a Mobile App — The top commonly seen UI/UX mistakes made in mobile apps and how to avoid them.
Harikrishna Kundariya
Holly Schinsky recommends
I Want to Learn Flutter. How Do I Start? — A step-by-step guide to learning Google’s mobile UI framework for ‘super’ beginners.
Poojã Bhaumik
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Send Push Notifications to Your iOS App With Firebase Cloud Messaging — Implementing FCM in a native iOS app.
Doron Katz
Holly Schinsky recommends
Using CSS Feature Detection, Conditionals, and Groups with Selectors — How to take advantage of newer technology like conditionals and groups with selectors using feature detection.
Jirka Vebr
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Some Tips for Using NativeScript DataForm with Vue.js
Raymond Camden
Holly Schinsky recommends
What You Need to Know to Start Building Mobile Apps in React Native
Said Hayani
Shop Like a Developer with Manifold 2.0 — Everything you need to discover and experiment with that hot new cloud service–because who impulse buys infrastructure?

Peter Cooper recommends
Creating iOS 12 Shortcuts with JavaScript and Shortcuts JS GitHub repo.
Josh Farrant
Holly Schinsky recommends
Android Top Image Processing Libraries
Amit Shekhar
Peter Cooper recommends
Never Mind The iPad — Where Are The Full-Time Android Tablet Users? — Are Android tablets used for “real work” or is it just a marketing claim?
Charles Arthur
Holly Schinsky recommends
Eat, Pray, Love Xamarin — Taking a look at why Xamarin should still be considered for your mobile app development.
José Manuel Montero
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Building a Location-Based App with React Native — A look at the main components of location-based mobile apps, and how to develop one using React Native.
Django Stars