Mobile Dev Weekly July 11, 2018   #215
Peter Cooper recommends
Apple's App Store Turns 10 Years Old — Apple’s introduction of the App Store on July 10, 2008 sparked off the app-based industry we’re now all a part of.
Brian Rinaldi recommends
State of Kotlin 2018 — After Google announced that Kotlin (a JVM-based multiplatform language) was officially supported for Android, a massive number of Android developers started to use it.
How to Build an Android Chat App with React Native — A comprehensive guide to building realtime chat, including messaging, user lists, login, typing indicators and unread messages.

Brian Rinaldi recommends
Six Tips for Flutter Newcomers — Advice and tips on staying motivated for newcomers to Flutter, Google’s mobile UI framework including what to avoid learning and what to focus on in the beginning.
Nick Manning
Holly Schinsky recommends
Getting the Whole Picture on Progressive Web Apps — Following a few years of steady and relatively silent growth, a look at how Progressive Web Apps have really started taking off.
Dragoş Filipovici
Peter Cooper recommends
React Native: A Retrospective From Udacity's Engineering Team — It seems to be the season for sharing stories about how people are using React Native (or not using it) and here Udacity’s mobile engineering team explain their shift away.
Nate Ebel
Peter Cooper recommends
The iPad as a Fast, Precise Tool for Creativity — Thoughts on how tablets have potential, but only when app developers break free of mobile design orthodoxy.
Adam Wiggins
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Getting Started with React Native and Expo — How to make a React Native app with Expo and ‘create-react-native-app’, plus a look at some of the differences between React and React Native code and file structures.
Zeb Girouard
Chris Brandrick recommends
Measuring Perceived Video Quality on Mobile Devices — A detailed look at how Twitter works to improve the experience of viewing media on the platform.
Sebastiaan Van Leuven (Twitter)
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Core ML vs ML Kit: Which Mobile Machine Learning Framework Is Right for You?
Sahil Chaudhary
Holly Schinsky recommends
Designing Search for Mobile Apps — Explore the various ways to implement search in your mobile apps and the purpose behind each.
Shashank Sahay
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Designing Native-Like Progressive Web Apps for iOS
Oskar Larsson
Holly Schinsky recommends
Why Every Android Developer Should Try Out Flutter — A list or reasons Android Developers would enjoy building mobile apps with Flutter.
Aaron Oertel