Mobile Dev Weekly April 18, 2018   #203
Brian Rinaldi recommends
I Built A PWA and Published It In 3 App Stores, Here’s What I Learned — One developer’s story of his experiences in submitting to Google Play, the iOS App Store, and the Windows Store. It took ‘a month of work, a few hundred dollars, and lots of red tape.’
Judah Gabriel Himango
Brian Rinaldi recommends
NativeScript 4.0 Is Out — A run-through of all the key changes and improvements in the framework that lets you build iOS and Android apps using Web technologies including Angular, TypeScript, and JavaScript.
Alexander Vakrilov
Training for Intermediate to Advanced Developers Only — All-inclusive. Network with other skilled developers. Topics include iOS, Swift, Android, Kotlin, Mastering Auto Layout and more.
Big Nerd Ranch

Brian Rinaldi recommends
Podcast: Google AMP vs the Web — Andrew Betts of the W3C Technical Advisory Group joins Jeff Veen to discuss Google AMP: how it works, whether we should use it, and if it’s a threat to the open web and to society overall?
Presentable (Relay FM)
Peter Cooper recommends
Will Apple Redefine Mobile Advertising with SKAdNetwork? — Apple introduced a new set of APIs with iOS 11.3 that allow ad networks to directly attribute installs via an API call without using a third-party attribution vendor.
Mobile Dev Memo
Holly Schinsky recommends
Updates and Notifications with the Angular Service Worker — Understanding and taking advantage of more features from the Angular Service Worker starting with a basic scaffolded app.
Stephen Fluin
Mobile Web
Brian Rinaldi recommends
New WebKit Features in Safari 11.1 — Includes the service worker API (necessary for PWA support) and Payment Request API support for Apple Pay.
Jon Davis
Holly Schinsky recommends
All You Need to Read to Get Started on Mobile UX Design — An extensive guide to getting started on mobile UX design.
Vaibhav Vardhan
Brian Rinaldi recommends
"I Have Beef With Accelerated Mobile Pages" — Besides some user experience issues, the author takes issue with giving Google more control over the web experience.
Ben Halpern
Holly Schinsky recommends
Transforming the Mobile-Web Experience with a PWA
Aprajit Kar
Native Development
Chris Brandrick recommends
What’s New in Swift 4.2? — Enum case arrays, warning and compiler directives, and more.
Paul Hudson
Holly Schinsky recommends
Android App Release Checklist for a Production Launch — A checklist to use when you’re ready to release your Android app.
Amit Shekhar
Build a Native Mobile App Hooked to Your Enterprise Auth in 5 Minutes — Connect to Open ID, Active Directory, OAuth2 or SAML. Includes fully featured mobile backend. Try it.

Holly Schinsky recommends
Build a React Native YouTube Replica — How to build a YouTube type of app using React Native, React Navigation and the YouTube API.
Marlon Decosta
Holly Schinsky recommends
A New Flutter App: From Flutter Create to the App Store — A developer’s experience creating his first Flutter app, “Dad Jokes”, from creation to app store.
Tim Sneath
Peter Cooper recommends
An Introduction to Redux in Flutter — A look at how to start writing mobile apps with Flutter using the Redux architecture.
Xavi Rigau
Peter Cooper recommends
4 Mobile App On-Boarding Flows I'm In Love With
Rafayel Mkrtchyan
Brian Rinaldi recommends
What’s New in Google’s Next OS: Android P — The next version of Android includes new privacy features, multi-camera support and improved notifications, among other features.
Cabot Technology Solution