Mobile Dev Weekly April 4, 2018   #201
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Progressive Web Apps On iOS Are Here — Yes, although you can now techincally “install apps on iOS without App Store approval” — there are limitations. Here’s a rundown with what you need to know.
Maximiliano Firtman
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Mobbin: Latest Mobile Design Patterns — A growing collection of mobile app design patterns that reflect “the best in design”.
Jiho Lim
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Are Mobile Pop-Ups Dying? Are They Even Worth Saving? — If they continue to remain effective, how should designers make use of them, especially in mobile web design? Here’s a look at what the research says.
Smashing Magazine
Receive Comprehensive Bug and Crash Reports for Your App — Instabug SDK allows developers to receive detailed bug reports directly from users by automatically attaching screenshots, device details, network logs, and repro-steps with each report. The SDK takes just one line of code to integrate. Try it now for free.

Holly Schinsky recommends
Cloning the Uber App UI (in 3 Videos) — Follow along with programmer Varun Nath as he walks you through cloning Uber’s app user interface in React Native.
Jess Hui
Peter Cooper recommends
Charles Proxy Now Available on iOS — A popular commercial proxy tool now lets you capture and inspect network requests and responses directly on iOS devices.
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Catching Up on AMP News — A review of recent AMP news including that non-AMP sites will be able to get into the Google search results carousel.
Chris Coyier
Brian Rinaldi recommends
The Truth About ‘Peak Smartphone’ — Recent reports suggest that we have reached ‘peak smartphone’, but do the facts line up with the opinion? Here’s a look at some hard data in an attempt to answer that question.
Martin Clancy
Mobile Web
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Swipe Views with CSS Snap Points: Building a More Efficient Mobile Web Navigation — How to build swipe views for mobile that may help improve mobile web app navigation.
Zouhir Chahoud
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Creating a Progressive Web App with a Headless CMS (Part 1)
Bryan Soltis
Brian Rinaldi recommends
An Introduction to Viewport Units — A look at how you can use vw, vh, vmin, and vmax in creative ways.
Jen Simmons
Native Development
Holly Schinsky recommends
Getting Your Hands Dirty with Flutter: Basic Animations — How to use basic animations in Flutter.
Max Ermakov
Holly Schinsky recommends
Building a Minimalist Weather App with React Native and Expo
Aman Mittal
Chris Brandrick recommends
Designing Jank-Free Apps — How designers can help prevent visual glitches in iOS apps.
Nathan Gitter
Build Better Apps. Your Free Pass to New Mobile Skills Is Here — You can learn a lot in 10 days—start a free trial and get unlimited access to expert-led dev courses and more.

Holly Schinsky recommends
Persisting Sessions with React Native
Shrey Gupta
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Xamarin vs React Native: A Comparison — Comparing aspects of each tool such as the dev environment, components, and support.
Cabot Technology Solution
Holly Schinsky recommends
Animated Transitions in Mobile Apps — A review of common cases when functional animation can complement the visual design and support interactions in your mobile apps.
Nick Babich
Holly Schinsky recommends
react-native-stretchy: A React Native Scrollable Stretchy Header Component
Hamid Hadi