Mobile Dev Weekly February 21, 2018   #195
Peter Cooper recommends
Learning Framer By Creating A Mobile App Prototype — Learn how to create a mobile app prototype with Framer, an open source JavaScript framework for high fidelity prototyping.
Greg Rog
Brian Rinaldi recommends
The Two Faces of AMP — AMP claims to be for the ‘open web,’ but the author argues this is disingenuous since it’s tightly coupled with Google search incentives. AMP Stories doubles down on this strategy.
Tim Kadlec
The State of .NET and How to Build Better Apps with Xamarin — For .NET developers, Xamarin has almost single-handedly democratized cross-platform development. Learn about the state of the .NET ecosystem in 2018 and find out which are the most notable developments for Xamarin developers. Download your copy.

Brian Rinaldi recommends
A Gentle and Practical Introduction to Progressive Web Apps — If you are slightly overwhelmed by all the talk of Progressive Web Apps, Ray starts a series aiming to simplify the topic.
Raymond Camden
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Building the Progressive Web App OS — How Ionic is working towards a “PWA OS” — providing reusable app interfaces for common operations, along with consistent UI controls and APIs, mirroring the utilities available when building native apps.
Max Lynch
Mobile Web
Holly Schinsky recommends
Progressive Web Apps Coming to All Chrome Platforms — …and how to try it.
Kenneth Christiansen
Chris Brandrick recommends
Let’s Connect with Samsung Internet V6.4 Stable for Android — v6.4 is now being rolled out on its Release channel, featuring Web Bluetooth enabled by default, special local features and security updates.
Peter O'Shaughnessy
Peter Cooper recommends
How Airbnb Is Putting AMP at the Core of Its Digital Strategy
Clark Boyd
Holly Schinsky recommends
Offline Only Viewing: An Interesting Idea — Creating content that can only be viewed when you’re disconnected.
Chris Coyier
Chris Brandrick recommends
Unlocking Web Audio — The Smarter Way — An easy/effective way to ‘unlock’ the Web Audio API on iOS devices.
Pavle Goloskokovic
Brian Rinaldi recommends
AMP for Email is a Terrible Idea — The author argues that Google’s plan doesn’t so much “modernize” email as it does alter it for self-serving purposes.
Devin Coldewey
Peter Cooper recommends
Pressure.js: Handle Force Touch, 3D Touch, and Pointer Pressure — Works with Surface, iOS devices, MacBooks, and more, with a single, simple API.
Stuart Yamartino
Peter Cooper recommends
How to Build a Responsive Site with Bootstrap
Syed Fazle Rahman
Hybrid Apps
Holly Schinsky recommends
Tips & Tricks for Ionic on Desktop — Tips & tricks to help you adapt your Ionic app for the desktop without compromising the mobile experience.
Rodrigo Fernández
Holly Schinsky recommends
Dynamically Adding and Removing Form Input Fields with Ionic
James Griffiths
Native Development
Chris Brandrick recommends
Announcing NativeScript-Vue 1.0 — A NativeScript plugin that allows you to build native Android and iOS apps using Vue.js.
TJ VanToll
Holly Schinsky recommends
How to Apply UI Test Automation in React Native Apps
Chris Brandrick recommends
Building a Location Sharing App with React Native and Pusher — Learn how to build a location-sharing app using the geolocation functionality in React Native and broadcast geolocation data in realtime with Pusher.
Wern Ancheta
Peter Cooper recommends
Adding Analytics to Your Next Mobile JavaScript App — Add in-depth, production-ready analytics to your app in minutes using AWS Amplify and AWS Mobile Hub.
Nader Dabit