Mobile Dev Weekly February 7, 2018   #193
Peter Cooper recommends
Here’s How Google Chrome’s New Ad Blocker Works — Google Chrome will soon begin to block ads on some sites by default. Here’s a closer look at how it will work.
Daniel Aleksandersen
Holly Schinsky recommends
Welcoming Progressive Web Apps to MS Edge and Windows 10 — An update on Microsoft’s PWA roadmap progress.
Get Started with Building Cross-Platform Native Mobile Apps — Go up a level in Xamarin with the source code and walkthrough articles for this full-featured Xamarin app. Telerik Tagit uses Telerik UI for Xamarin controls for the front end and Microsoft Azure's Computer Vision API on the back end. Get started.

Brian Rinaldi recommends
Using Media Queries For Responsive Design in 2018 — Explores the use of media queries in responsive design today, how they work alongside Flexbox and Grid Layout, and what’s coming in the future.
Rachel Andrew
Brian Rinaldi recommends
New Features of Android Studio 3.0 — Now comes with Instant App support, Android Profiler, ContraintLayout, support for Kotlin and much more.
Rajat S
Mobile Web
Holly Schinsky recommends
Service Workers: The Little Heroes Behind Progressive Web Apps — Service workers are at the core of PWAs — learn what they’re all about and how to use them when developing your own.
Flavio Copes
Chris Brandrick recommends
Cake: Search Faster With This New Mobile Browser — After a few months in beta, new mobile browser ‘Cake’ launched recently for both Android and iOS. It’s built around a unique search experience.
Nick Douglas
Hybrid Apps
Holly Schinsky recommends
How to Integrate Ionic Framework and the WordPress REST API
Baadier Sydow
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Ionic vs React Native: What's the Difference? — A broad comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of each framework.
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Ionic Framework: Hybrid vs. Native — A free ebook (behind an email wall) from Ionic comparing the pros and cons of hybrid development versus native platform development.
Native Development
Chris Brandrick recommends
Droidcon Boston 2018 - March 26, 2018 — Droidcon Boston (a developer conference/networking event focused on Android) returns in March, with over 20 talks and four workshops. MDW readers can register here before February 23 for 20% off ticket prices.
Double Espresso LLC
Peter Cooper recommends
TensorFlow on Mobile: What Does TensorFlow Lite Get Us?
Sagar Sharma
Chris Brandrick recommends
MVC vs MVP vs MVVM for Mobile App Dev: Let's End The Debate — Better understand which one (MVC vs MVP vs MVVM) to use, and where.
Rahul Singh
Holly Schinsky recommends
An Introduction to 'redux-offline-queue' — A simple open-source library (repo) to queue app actions/requests when no internet connection is found, and fire them when connectivity is back.
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Handling Internet Connection Reachability in Swift — How to handle situations where the network is unavailable.
Neo Ighodaro
Peter Cooper recommends
Four Lessons in Making Pinterest Faster on Android
Pinterest Engineering
Chris Brandrick recommends
Promises Framework 1.0.0 — A modern framework that provides a synchronization construct for Swift and Objective-C.
Brian Rinaldi recommends
'Nougat' is Officially The Most-Used Version of Android — ..although fragmentation remains a significant issue for Android.
The Verge