Mobile Dev Weekly January 10, 2018   #189
Peter Cooper recommends
Improving URLs for AMP Pages — AMP pages will now show a page’s original URL, instead of using the URL scheme.
Accelerated Mobile Pages Project
Brian Rinaldi recommends
A Letter About Google AMP — A letter signed by prominent members of the web development community regarding their concerns about Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project.
Holly Schinsky recommends
CSS Grid Layout Secrets Revealed — Dig into the CSS Grid Layout specification to uncover some features you might have missed – and some coming soon.
Rachel Andrew
Linux Cloud Hosting Starting at 1GB of RAM for $5/mo — Get a Linode server up and running in seconds. Simply choose your plan, distro and location and you’re ready to deploy your server. Get $20 credit on a new account.
Linode Cloud Hosting

Mobile Web
Holly Schinsky recommends
How Modern Web Browsers Accelerate Performance: The Networking Layer — Techniques modern browsers use to automatically boost performance and specific tips to help boost the performance of your apps even more.
Lachezar Nickolov
Holly Schinsky recommends
Which JavaScript Frameworks Are the Fastest?
John Hannah
Holly Schinsky recommends
12 Mobile UX Design Trends For 2018 — A list of mobile UX design trends to expect this year.
Nick Babich
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Safari Preview 46 Adds Service Workers — Some progress towards supporting PWAs in Safari.
Jon Davis
Brian Rinaldi recommends
11 Things Learned Reading the CSS Grid Specification
Ohans Emmanuel
Holly Schinsky recommends
10 Ways to Avoid Cross-Browser Compatibility Issues — How to make sure all your users see your site the way you intended it to be seen.
Simon Jones
Chris Brandrick recommends
A Vue.js Inspector Specifically for Mobile Devices
Cali Rojas
Za'e Johnson recommends
The Future of jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile
jQuery UI Blog
Native Development
Holly Schinsky recommends
How We Architected the New Relic Mobile Web UI in React — How New Relic updated their mobile web UI architecture to be built from reusable pieces in React to allow for easier contribution from team members.
Frank Linehan
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Embedding NativeScript in an Existing iOS App — Learn about an experimental new way to embed NativeScript in an existing iOS app.
Rob Lauer
Chris Brandrick recommends
Creating an 'Offline' Notice in React Native — Have you ever seen the red “No Internet Connection” sign in mobile apps like Facebook Messenger. Here’s how to recreate it.
Chiamaka Nwolisa