Mobile Dev Weekly November 8, 2017   #183
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Safari Service Workers and Other PWA Good News Stories — There’s been a lot of good news for fans of PWAs over the past few months and this post sums much of it up.
Ruadhán O'Donoghue
Chris Brandrick recommends
Kickstarting Your Journey to Progressive Web Apps — Ewa Gasperowicz covers how to take a web site and turn it into to a Progressive Web App experience.
Google Chrome Developers
SwiftFest 2017 Conference - Coming to Boston in November — SwiftFest 2017 is a community-driven event that will expose you to new perspectives about the Swift programming language and the iOS development ecosystem. Register today using the promo code "SWIFT3" to receive a 10% discount off the ticket price.

Holly Schinsky recommends
Right-To-Left Development In Mobile Design — A thorough list of tips that are useful for anyone developing an RTL product.
Robert Dodis, Yvette Mosiichuk
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Why We Are Not Cross-Platform Developers — The author explains why, despite trying a number of cross-platform development options, they keep choosing native.
Mathijs Lagerberg
Mobile Web
Brian Rinaldi recommends
What The Heck Is A "Progressive Web App"? Seriously — Despite shipping a PWA, the author says it can still be difficult to explain what exactly a PWA is.
Ben Halpern
Chris Brandrick recommends
Building A Progressive Web App - A Practical Example
Raymond Camden
Holly Schinsky recommends
Learn How to Build A PWA in 5 Minutes — Make your apps ‘progressively’ better in five minutes or less.
Brian Rinaldi recommends
For The First Time, More People Will Do This Year’s Holiday Shopping On Mobile Than Desktop
Rani Molla
Estimating CPU Per Query with Weighted Linear Regression — This eBook explains how a specialization of linear regression answers seemingly unsolvable database questions.

Hybrid Apps
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Ionic From Scratch: What Is Ionic? — An introduction to the cross-platform mobile development framework Ionic.
Tinashe Munyaka
Brian Rinaldi recommends
RIBs: Uber's Cross-Platform Mobile Architecture — RIBs (Router, Interactor and Builder) is the cross-platform framework behind many mobile apps at Uber — designed for mobile apps with a large number of engineers and nested states.
Native Development
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Don't Fight The Notch — It’s not difficult to work around the iPhone X ‘notch’ — here’s how to update your site with small changes.
Julian Gaviria
Brian Rinaldi recommends
An Analysis of The Interactions On iOS 11 — A design critique of the new gestures and interactions in the newest version of iOS.
Adhithya Ramakumar
Brian Rinaldi recommends
React Native vs Real Native Apps — Highlights the theoretical and practical aspects of using React Native in comparison to Swift.
Weblab Technology
Za'e Johnson recommends
Building a Native Mobile Cryptocurrency App with React Native and Redux
Indrek Lasn
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Mobile Accessibility Testing Guide for Android and iOS — A free accessible PDF outlining how to test native apps and the web for accessibility on Android and iOS.
The Paciello Group
Chris Brandrick recommends
iPhone X Web Navigation Concept — A floating menu button to solve iPhone X navigation woes.
Daniel Korpai