Mobile Dev Weekly October 18, 2017   #180
Chris Brandrick recommends
6 Myths of Progressive Web Apps — Busting some of the common myths surrounding PWAs.
Peter O'Shaughnessy
Chris Brandrick recommends
The Web Share API Is Here: Here's How to Use It — This JavaScript API, added in Chrome 61, lets you implement native sharing capabilities from your mobile web app (it was previously only available on native platforms).
Mark Muskardin
SwiftFest 2017 Conference - Coming to Boston in November — SwiftFest 2017 is a community-driven event that will expose you to new perspectives about the Swift programming language and the iOS development ecosystem. Register today using the promo code "SWIFT3" to receive a 10% discount off the ticket price.

Chris Brandrick recommends
Reactive Programming for the New Mobile Stack — Four principles for the ‘new mobile stack’: Event-driven, data flow, data sticks and pragmatic logic.
Alexander Stigsen
Holly Schinsky recommends
Google Introduces Android Instant Apps SDK 1.1 — Android Instant Apps allows Android users to run your apps instantly, without installation.
The Essential Guide to Queueing Theory — Queueing theory is one of the best ways to boost performance. This ebook demystifies the subject without requiring pages full of equations.

Mobile Web
Brian Rinaldi recommends
The Argument for AMP: Lessons From 10 Case Studies — A guide to Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) including case studies from ten brands.
Eric Enge
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Responsive SVG Sprite Animation that Adjusts Based on Viewport — An example of a complex SVG sprite animation that adjusts to the viewport size.
Sarah Drasner
Holly Schinsky recommends
Ember.js: The Perfect Framework for Web Applications — Ember.js lets you scaffold and build complex front-end web apps quickly. Graham Cox explores this popular, batteries-included JavaScript framework.
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Naming Things In CSS Grid Layout — The various ways that you can name lines and areas in CSS Grid Layout to enable easier placement of items by name rather than number.
Rachel Andrew
Chris Brandrick recommends
Creating Awesome SPAs With React
Aman Khalid
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Safari's Implementation of 'srcset' Is Buggy, Rendering The Whole Feature Basically Useless — The srcset attribute can be a great feature when it works, but it appears to fail in some fairly common use cases in Safari.
Ben Halpern
Brian Rinaldi recommends
DevTools Tips for Progressive Web Apps — Some tips on using Chrome to debug issues related to PWAs.
Raymond Camden
Hybrid Apps
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Ionic App Generator — A new utility for generating Ionic-based applications, Ionic App Generator (macOS and Windows).
Chris Griffith
Holly Schinsky recommends
Ionic Lazy Loading Bonuses — How to take advantage of Lazy Loading in your Ionic 3 apps.
Ryan Corbin
Native Development
Peter Cooper recommends
Building Shopify Mobile with Native and Web Technology — Always good to see a case study from a company doing well.
Shopify Engineering
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Add Firebase Authentication to Your Android App in 7 Minutes
Ekene Eze