Mobile Web Weekly July 12, 2017   #166
Holly Schinsky recommends
How PregBuddy Reached a LightHouse Score of 100/100 — Tips on how to optimize your PWA to reach a 100/100 in LightHouse from the engineering team at PregBuddy.
PregBuddy Engineering
Peter Cooper recommends
The Impact of Google AMP on a Major Sports Team's Traffic — UK soccer club Newcastle United were the first of only 4 Premier League teams to implement Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages, and it’s paid dividends for their kit launch.
Seven League
Add interactive features to your mobile app in minutes — Features like In-app notifications, activity streams, chat, real-time dashboards and multi-user collaboration. Get started for free, with just a few lines of code.

Chris Brandrick recommends
Getting 60 FPS JavaScript Swiping on Mobile
Etienne Lemay
Peter Cooper recommends
A Beginner’s Guide to Making Progressive Web Apps
Yuvesh Tulsiani
Holly Schinsky recommends
6 Free Material Design CSS Frameworks Compared — Giannis Konstantinidis lists some great Material Design CSS frameworks and compares them to make it easier for you to choose what best fits your needs.
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Code Sharing Between Web and Mobile with Angular and NativeScript — A look at how Angular and NativeScript allow you to share code between the web and mobile version of an app.
Sebastian Witalec
Brian Rinaldi recommends
The Bloat of AMP — The authors argues against AMP due to the weight of the JavaScript libraries used to build a typical AMP page.
Holly Schinsky recommends
Onsen UI Has Full Vue.js Support — Onsen UI releases full support for Vue.js as part of their permanent product.
Júnio Silva
Peter Cooper recommends
Top 5 Performance Mistakes of Angular Mobile Web Apps
Jeff Cross
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Dropdown Alternatives for Better Mobile Forms — Using a dropdown menu usually seems like a no-brainer but it’s also easy to misuse due to its limitations.
Zoltan Kollin
Holly Schinsky recommends
Logging in React Native — A look at logging options for your React Native apps.
Brains Beards
Best Practices for Architecting Highly Monitorable Applications — Is your application easy to monitor in production? Many apps are, but sadly, some are designed with observability as an afterthought.

Brian Rinaldi recommends
Simple Login and Registration in a NativeScript With Angular Mobile App — Learn how to create simple login and registration logic for securing pages in a NativeScript with Angular, Android and iOS mobile application.
Nic Raboy
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Ionic Native Mocks — Ionic Native Mocks are designed to be used as placeholders during development for the actual Ionic Native modules.
Chris Griffith
Holly Schinsky recommends
Continuous Integration for Ionic Apps — A guide on how to set up Continuous Integration for Ionic Apps.
Za'e Johnson recommends
Making iOS & Android Apps with Ruby on Rails and Turbolinks — The path to a native app can be hastened using Rails, Tubolinks, and native wrappers.