Mobile Web Weekly June 21, 2017   #163
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Hybrid Apps And React Native: A Time To Transition? — Is it time to move from hybrid apps to a solution like React Native? The author says that it is, despite some temporary pains.
Paul Francis
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Get Ready for Web Bluetooth — A look at the current state of Web Bluetooth support and how it can play an important role in the physical web and projects using beacons and mobile devices.
Jen Looper
Holly Schinsky recommends
Handling Long and Unexpected Content in CSS — How to handle situations where content overruns the designed space or container, as is common in mobile contexts.
Ahmad Shadeed
Get Comprehensive Crash Reporting for React Native, iOS, & Android 📱 — Get in-depth crash reports to quickly debug errors in your mobile apps. Understand the crash environment & device state leading up to crashes with automatic breadcrumbs. Used on some of the world’s most popular apps including Airbnb, Pandora, and Yelp. Learn more.

Chris Brandrick recommends
Beyond The Bubble: Real World Performance — 51.3% of devices with an Internet connection are hand-held, with the average global Internet connection speed standing at 7Mbps.
Ben Schwarz
Holly Schinsky recommends
Sound Effects using HTML5 and Native Audio in Ionic — Communicating feedback to a user’s actions in your Ionic apps via native audio.
Josh Morony
Holly Schinsky recommends
Alpha Testers Wanted for Progressive Web App Tools for VS Code — Test a new VS Code extension for designing PWA’s.
John Papa
Holly Schinsky recommends
Building a Progressive Web App with Ember — How to build a progressive web app starting from scratch with Ember.
Matthew Beale
Chris Brandrick recommends
Mobile Data Consumption Will Soon Surpass Fixed Broadband
Sara Fischer
Holly Schinsky recommends
A Team Built a Cross-Platform Email Client with HTML — How Missive was built as a super fast cross platform mobile and desktop app using PhoneGap and Electron.
Etienne Lemay
Peter Cooper recommends
Reaching Millennials: Mobile Marketing Trends And Techniques
Anya Pratskevich
Brian Rinaldi recommends
AMP: Thoughts On A 2 Billion Page Project “AMP hasn’t taken over the web yet, but it’s certainly carved out a respectable foothold.”
Ruadhán O'Donoghue
Holly Schinsky recommends
3 Mobile UX Trends That Are Changing How We Design
Brian Rinaldi recommends
How to Choose Media Query Breakpoints to Best Support All Connected Devices — Improving your breakpoints by setting them based on content rather than preset device sizes and setting minor and major breakpoints.
Stephen Delaney
Brian Rinaldi recommends
PWAs with Angular: Being Reliable — The first in a series looking at how to build a progressive web app using Angular.
Michael Solati
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Have Web Standards on Mobile Caught Up to Phonegap in 2017? — Part 2 in a look at the state of web standards for the core PhoneGap/Cordova plugins to see if the mobile web has caught up in 2017.
Raymond Camden