Mobile Web Weekly May 31, 2017   #160
Peter Cooper recommends
Production Progressive Web Apps with JS Frameworks — In this Google I/O session, Addy Osmani covers PWA best practices, patterns for efficiently loading sites and the latest tools for getting fast and staying fast.
Google Chrome Developers
Holly Schinsky recommends
Getting a Better React-ion with Progressive Web Apps — A step-by-step tutorial on how to add PWA features to your React apps.
Mike Elsmore
Brian Rinaldi recommends
If It Weren’t For Apple, Hybrid App Development Would Be The Clear Winner Over Native — The author argues that the only real roadblock to hybrid mobile development is the iOS webview and its issues.
Sam Delgado
Are you building mobile apps? — Which app distribution channels do you use for the apps you build? Take the Developer Economics survey and help shape trends in the global developer arena. You might also win an iPhone 7.
Developer Economics

Peter Cooper recommends
How PhoneGap is Moving Forward — A brief update, mostly summed up with “we have embarked on an initiative to update all of the Apache Cordova and PhoneGap API’s to current W3C specifications.”
Simon MacDonald
Holly Schinsky recommends
PhoneGap Day EU 2017 Recap — A recap of PhoneGap Day EU with links to presentations and other resources.
Holly Schinsky
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Mobile Web Perf on News Sites Too Slow for Many — A look at some of the conclusions and statistics in a recent report by DeviceAtlas.
Martin Clancy
Holly Schinsky recommends
Hybrid Apps Are Unstoppable “The stack is unstoppable now, growing fast, and powering serious apps..”
Max Lynch of Ionic
Chris Brandrick recommends
Low-Hanging Fruits For Enhancing Mobile UX
Nick Babich
Holly Schinsky recommends
Debugging Ionic Applications When Deployed to an iOS Device
Joshua Morony
Holly Schinsky recommends
15 Reasons Why You Should Develop Ionic Apps
Simon Reimler
Brian Rinaldi recommends
What Google AMP Means for the JavaScript Community — AMP is a defeat for the open web community, but one that is entirely self-inflicted due to a lack of focus on performance, says the author.
Mathias Schäfer
Brian Rinaldi recommends
AMP Ads: Google Will Convert Display Ads to AMP, Test AMP Landing Pages for Search Ads — Google is launching a beta to serve AMP-enabled landing pages on mobile from Search ads and, on the Google Display Network, they will convert display ads to AMP.
Ginny Marvin
Holly Schinsky recommends
React Native In Mobile Dev: The Beginning Of The End — A breakdown of developing mobile apps with React Native.
Victor Gutsu
Holly Schinsky recommends
Notifications: A Tragedy Of the Digital Commons — Interesting ideas on how notifications could be handled differently.
Scott Belsky
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Polypane, The Responsive Web Development Browser — A cross-platform in-beta browser for responsive web design and development that lets you see a website in multiple screen sizes at once.
Kilian Valkhof