Mobile Web Weekly March 8, 2017   #148
Holly Schinsky recommends
An Introduction to the Web Audio API — Create sounds right in the browser with the Web Audio API. This post does a good job of starting with the basics and showing off some demos.
Greg Hovanesyan
Brian Rinaldi recommends
CSS Grid: Responsive and Accessibility — Don’t forget about making your design accessible for keyboard users when laying out content with CSS Grid.
Susan Robertson
Holly Schinsky recommends
Create Offline Web Apps Using Service Workers & PouchDB — How to build offline web apps using Service Workers for client-side caching and PouchDB to store data locally and sync to a server DB.
Artem Tabalin
Write words (+ code) that sells anything…even to mobile users — Congratulations for releasing a mobile-first app. Go ahead, complete this 3-part mini-course. Inside, a cash-flow engineer reveals the shocking reason marketing on mobile fails. And how to make sure yours doesn't – hush: It's NOT your design or speed.

Chris Brandrick recommends
How to Make Your App Lovable — People tend to love apps that feel effortless. But what makes an app feel that way and just how can you make your app feel that way?
Peter Cooper recommends
Forbes Rebuilt Its New Mobile Site As A Progressive Web App — PWAs are backed by Google and promise speed above all else.
Joseph Lichterman
Peter Cooper recommends
AMP Grows Its Footprint (into Asia) — The AMP team notes Baidu, Sogou and Yahoo! Japan are getting on the AMP train.
Holly Schinsky recommends
How to Add A Web App Manifest and Mobile-Proof Your Site — Steps to mobile proofing your website for 2017 (hint: Progressive Web App-ify).
Sam Thorogood
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Nested Routing In A NativeScript Angular Application For Android And iOS — Learn how to use nested routing for child components in a NativeScript Android and iOS mobile application built with Angular and TypeScript.
The Polyglot Developer
Holly Schinsky recommends
Push Notifications in Your Ionic App with Onesignal — How to integrate push notifications into your Ionic apps using OneSignal.
Charles Muzonzini
Holly Schinsky recommends
Page Navigation with Ionic 2 — How to control page navigation and the ability to enter or leave a page with the Ionic 2 NavController.
Kelvin Dart
Holly Schinsky recommends
How to Send Data with POST Requests in Ionic 2
Joshua Morony
Za'e Johnson recommends
I Wanted to See How Far I Could Push Myself Creatively. So I Redesigned Instagram. — The challenge: “Take an application I love and use everyday, then see how far I could push myself creatively as a designer, by rebuilding it from the ground up.”
Kim Thuy Tu
Holly Schinsky recommends
A Comparison of Vue.js Frontend Frameworks
Matthias Hager
Brian Rinaldi recommends
The State of Responsive Images in 2017 — A look at the current state of browser support and implementation.
Jason Grigsby
Brian Rinaldi recommends
On Container Queries — Ethan explains why he supports adding container queries with some practical examples.
Ethan Marcotte
Holly Schinsky recommends
Ionic 2 Environment Variables: The Best Way — Quick tips on how to best tweak your environment variables in Ionic 2.
Rob Louie
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Track Device Geolocation in a NativeScript Angular Mobile Application — Learn how to use native geolocation features within a NativeScript Android and iOS application built with Angular to track device location.
Nic Raboy
Holly Schinsky recommends
WebVR, PWAs and more coming to PhoneGap Day EU 2017 — PhoneGap Day EU will be here before we know it, check out what’s currently in store for the event.
PhoneGap Blog