Mobile Web Weekly December 21, 2016   #138
2017 is nearly here, so in this issue we're reflecting on the best items of 2016. If you've missed any issues this year, this is a great place to catch up.

Due to Christmas, our next issue will be in January. Happy holidays! :-)
The State of HTML Mobile Frameworks in 2016 — The most popular link this year took a look at the state of HTML mobile UI frameworks for hybrid apps.
Kris Erickson
State of The Mobile Gap Between Native and Web — What is the current state of the gap between the the mobile web and native apps? Remy gives his take.
Remy Sharp
Chrome DevTools Got a New Mobile-First Device Mode — This year, mobile became significantly more important in Chrome’s DevTools.
Paul Bakaus
'Our Best Practices Are Killing Mobile Web Performance' — 'Web performance rules invented for desktop web access need to be revised for the mobile era,' says Mathias Schäfer.
Mathias Schäfer
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React Native vs Ionic: A Side-by-Side Comparison — A comparison of Ionic vs React Native for building hybrid apps, highlighting the key points and conceptual differences for each.
Frédéric Massart
10 Steps to Better Hybrid Apps — With hybrid apps rising in popularity, a growing number of tools are being created to help developers create cross-platform apps efficiently.
Oliver Lindberg
Mobile Web Applications: Top CSS Techniques for Optimal Performance — Building mobile web applications with great performance can be hard. So here’s a look at how using current techniques and leveraging HTML5 and CSS3 can result in powerful ‘native-like’ experiences.
Dinis Carvalho
Mobile Web vs. Native Apps or Why You Want Both — Luke Wroblewski illustrates how data indicates that your business needs both a mobile web site to broaden its reach and a mobile app to broaden engagement through rich experiences.
Luke Wroblewski
Responsive Design Breakpoints: The Ultimate Overview — An in-depth overview of Responsive Web Design and how to use breakpoints specifically to design for multiple screens.
Mobile Web Performance Checklist — A variety of best practices for optimizing mobile web apps taken from Max Firtman’s book, High Performance Mobile Web.
Max Firtman
The Best Mobile Interaction Designs of 2016 — A showcase of 15 apps and interaction design concepts that were recognized as some of the best in the year.
22 Mobile Stats Everyone Should Know — A good list of important statistics regarding mobile usage and performance.
Tammy Everts
10 Really Useful Responsive Web Design Tutorials — Ensure your site has an optimal viewing experience across platforms with these helpful responsive design tutorials.
Tanya Combrinck
Browsers, Not Apps, Are The Future of Mobile — Proclamations of an all-native mobile app world ignore the fact that browsers and the web are fast becoming the mobile operating system of the future.
Hugh Durkin
Washington Post Unveiled ‘Lightning-Fast’ Mobile Website — Uses both AMP and PWA technologies, and 70% of the Post’s traffic now comes from mobile devices.
Jack Marshall
Google's Ambitious Project to Remake the Mobile Web — Google embarked on a large project to boost the speed of mobile websites.
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