Mobile Web Weekly April 20, 2016   #104
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Why Emerging Markets Are Dominating Mobile Browsing — Internet growth in the Western world has stagnated at about 80% penetration, so most of the growth in coming years will be from emerging markets.
Jason Chernofsky
Brian Rinaldi recommends
React Native On The Universal Windows Platform — Microsoft and Facebook announced at F8 2016, that they’re adding Universal Windows Platform (UWP) support to React Native.
Windows Apps Team
Chris Brandrick recommends
HTML5 Is Quietly Changing The App Landscape — Developers no longer have to rely on complex, platform-specific tools to make mobile apps; HTML5 is quietly changing things.
Joseph Neighbor
React Native Webinar: A New Way to Write Native Mobile Apps — From leveraging polyfills to debugging and using Flexbox and CSS, this webinar will show you how to apply the things you know about React to help you create native mobile apps! Register today to tune in live, and you'll receive a video for reference.

Holly Schinsky recommends
Q1 Android WebView statistics — Check out the latest Android WebView statistics for first quarter of 2016 tracked by Scientia Mobile.
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Making Sense of Facebook's Moves to Speed Up the Mobile Internet — The company — like Google, Starry and others — hopes to tap high-frequency waves to speed up the mobile Internet in urban areas.
Ina Fried
Holly Schinsky recommends
Building a Calculator App with Redux and Onsen UI — A tutorial on how to build a pure mobile JavaScript Calculator application with Onsen UI and Redux.
Onsen UI
Brian Rinaldi recommends
How I Build For Proprietary Platforms and Sleep at Night — TJ VanToll says the web and native platforms are not in conflict and each offer unique benefits to developers and businesses.
TJ VanToll
Brian Rinaldi recommends
22 Mobile Stats Everyone Should Know — A good list of important statistics regarding mobile usage and performance.
Tammy Everts
Holly Schinsky recommends
angular2-universal-windows-app: An Universal Windows App (uwp) powered by Angular 2 — A seed project to help you get started using Angular 2 in your Universal Windows Platform apps quickly.
Holly Schinsky recommends
Celebrate PhoneGap Day EU 2016 in Amsterdam — PhoneGap Day EU is around the corner, find out more about what you can expect from this year’s awesome schedule and lineup!
PhoneGap Blog
Holly Schinsky recommends
Onsen: Boost your Cordova Development with Monaca Power Plugins — New Monaca Power Plugins available including HTML5 Resource Encryption, Secure Storage, In-App Updater and In-App Purchases to boost your app development.
Onsen UI Blog
Holly Schinsky recommends
Say Hello to React CDK — A new React Component Development Kit including boilerplate project creation, build tools, React Storybook development environment and more.
Kadira Voice - Arunoda Susiripala
Holly Schinsky recommends
Boosting Scroll Performance in Ionic 2 — Understanding and using virtual scrolling in your Ionic 2 apps.
Josh Morony
Holly Schinsky recommends
Writing A Cordova Plugin In Swift For iOS — iOS developers building Cordova plugins now have a choice of either Swift or Objective-C for writing their native code.
Simon Prickett
Holly Schinsky recommends
Couchbase Mobile in a Cross Platform Telerik NativeScript App — How to get started using Couchbase Mobile to leverage NoSQL in your NativeScript apps.
Couchbase Blog
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